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Automate Your Work Schedule


Let Mysunless save you time writing down your schedule and sending reminders to your clients. We offer a wide variety of features that will help automate how you run your business.

Event Calendar

Easy to see a monthly calendar that color coordinates the status of appointments. Change the color to identify if the appointment is confirmed, pending, waiting on payment, etc.

Personalized Booking Site

Have customers scan QR codes or follow a link to create an appointment that works best for them. Under the times you are open, of course. Automating the scheduling process will save you time and money.

Intuitive Appointment Booking

Our online booking will give you the location of the client, any notes you have taken, and the ability to email them any instructions they will need automatically

Calendar Integrations

Mysunless has integrated google calendars into the CRM if you like to sync both calendars. Sync the appointment calendar to your Google calendar in the dashboard.

Repeat Events

Automate your regulars in the repeat section when you are booking an appointment. Set how often you want the appointment, the start and end date, and the desired time

Automated Appointment Reminders

Use the automated reminder feature to not worry about people missing their tan. Select how long before you want to send a reminder and how many messages you wish to send. Personalize the message under the communication tab.