Point Of Sale


Square is ready to go with every new account. Use Square for checkout and have it take care of all point-of-sale needs. Link it to your Mysunless account with a few easy steps, and don’t worry about it again. 


Along with Square, Authorize is another point of sale option. Using a similar setup as Square you will have a few short steps to get setup. Then you will be ready to handle all point of sale needs.

Automatic Invoice Email

Don’t worry about needing a printer or forgetting to email clients their receipts. Have the CRM do it for you with automated invoice and receipt emails. 

Easy To Use Checkout

Fill in the blanks at the checkout to fill the order. Autofill customer’s profiles to see if they have a gift card balance and bring up any coupons. Tax will be automatically added after you set up your local tax rate. 

All Types Of Payment Are Included

Never worry about not being able to accept payment after your sale. All standard payment types are acceptable. Cash, check, debit, and credit are accepted with square and Authorize. 

Add Tips and Tax

Add any tips at the end of your order at the bottom right of the checkout page. Sales tax is automatically added to orders after you set it up on the account information page.

Add Your Own Coupons

Create your own coupons to add to people’s accounts. Create original promotions that are unique to your business. These coupons will be applied to the client’s account automatically and can be used at checkout anytime under your command and desired time frame.