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Keep Track Of Your Businesses Reports 

Sales Reports

Do not worry about tracking sales yourself. Have Mysunless keep track of that for you. Look at the sales report page to see all sales, categorize sales by year/month, and profit to sales comparison.

Graphs and Charts

Look at the sales graph and charts to see what has been working and what seems to be lacking. Categorize sales between products, appointments, and more. Easily compare year-to-year sales to see your company’s growth.

Order History

Access past orders to edit the amount, see the price, and which customer purchased. You can also update the status to ensure you know who has paid and who you are still waiting on.

Payment History

Access what clients have purchased in the past, so you don’t have to forget what works best or if they are ready for a fill-up.  The history tab will also display the status of payment, invoice payment, and date purchased.

Employee Performance Reports

Look at how your employees are doing with the performance reports. Look at their sales, appointments, clients, and time spent within our CRM system.

 Time Tracking

Track how much time your employee is working inside the MySunless CRM system.  You can see all past login times and desired times with the filter.

Event History

Access your previous appointments to see what clients are ready for another one and look at any information you may have forgotten. You can edit appointments and also find the dates you booked.