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Keep Track of Appointments

Manage and organize all apointments with the mysunless calendar. Easily edit the status and details of any event.

Customize Your Dashboard

Display the information you want clients to know in the business information tab. Input your salon location, business name, and logo that will be customer-facing. Your customer and employees will see your branding on invoices, online booking system, and where possible for maximum brand exposure.

Brand Your Booking Site

Personalize your appointment setup page and information about your company. Put your logo and personalize your booking page to be unique to you. Have your clients create their profile for your page so they can sign in and create appointments.

Your customer profiles are automatically loaded when a customer uses the same email address to schedule their online appointment.

Create and Manage Your Employee Profiles

Set up your employee’s CRM account to grant them access to their appointments, tasks, and more. Track their performance with marks like sales, appointments, and hours worked.