Unique Customer Profiles

Bulk Import or Export your client list

We offer multiple ways to bulk import your client list with our easy-to-use Import / Export system.   You can use Google contacts,  excel spreadsheet, or outlook contacts to quickly move your data over without the hassle of manually creating each existing customer profile.  Want to Export your client profiles to another system or to use with other marketing software?  No problem!  You can export your entire customer data into an easy-to-read excel spreadsheet. 

SMS Text or Email customers instantly

With the click of a button, email, or SMS text message a customer any vital information they may need. This feature makes it easy to find the customer’s email and send them a personalized message in seconds.  SMS Text and Emails are included in your monthly subscription!

Easy to identify your customers

Never mix up customers again! Create a customer profile where you can upload their profile picture or choose a default avatar in its place.  Use the search function to find customers fast. 

Keep unique customer notes

Keep all your client information in one neat and easy-to-search area.  Customer profiles store unique essential data and notes that pertain to the specific customer you are viewing.   You can leave a note about the customized service they expect, or even a simple note about their personal lives to catch up on the next visit.  Stay personable with your clientele to create repeat business. 

Track your customer's past appointments and order history

View all past interactions you have had with your customer under the event history tab.  You can quickly see what your customer typically orders every visit to make sure you maximize your potential sales when they visit next. 

Save unique documents to your customer profiles

Upload signed contracts,  before & after pictures, or any other important documents you wish to save to your unique customer profiles.   Your saved files will be kept safe and linked to the profile you uploaded to.