World’s first Spray tanning software exclusively for professionals

who use SJOLIE Sunless Tanning Products.

Extensive Client List & Profiles:

  • Collect and store information about each client with individual profiles for each client.
  • Save important session information (Solution strength used, pre-existing issues, and/or information skin conditions).
  • Route driving directions with easy to use “Route” button.  Gives you estimated drive time and directions to client’s location.
  • Client Pictures –  Put a face to your clients name to better serve each client and easily identify each client.  Builds customer relations!
  • Client File Storage –  Store your clients contracts, pictures of before and after tans, or any other important document.   These files are only attached to the individual client profile, keeping it perfectly organized for you!

Scheduling and Communications:

  • Schedule an event on the calendar to stay organized and on time with your clients.
  • Quickly see what availability you have with calendar “overview” mode.
  • When scheduling an event, your client will receive an AUTOMATIC email informing them of event, where it is taking place, how much the spray tan will cost, and prep instructions.
  • Our uk essay system will email your clients the night before as a reminder, and also inform them of prepping instructions that you will set in your admin panel.  This information is sent each time, so set the instructions once, and you are good to go!
  • Send client monthly tanning reminders that they should call you to schedule a tan.  This interval can be set to send a email reminder every 15 days, 30 days, or 45 days from the previous tan.   We’ve seen this increase company “re-bookings” by over 300% than not using our system.    You set the settings once, and watch our system get the bookings for you!

Exclusive F.A.Q. System:

  • We’ve put together industry specific questions, answers, and tips all available through your admin panel.
  • Educate yourself and employees quickly and accurately with our built in F.A.Q. System.
  • Eliminate errors and issues while improving profitability through customer retention.

Marketing Tools:

  • We’ve put together a large database of free downloadable forms you can use to help organize and run your company.
  • Free business card templates
  • Free Poster designs and Flyers
  • Free logo downloads and other helpful graphics to help promote your sunless business
  • Free Facebook / Marketing images to be used in social media.

In-depth Video Vault:

  • Educate and train yourself/employees through our online video learning center.
  • Over 30 training and product information videos.
  • Videos on how to clean and maintain your spray tanning equipment
  • Much more!

View profitability at a glance!

  • Our system will track how many tans you do per month (via using scheduling), and the price you set per tan.
  • Set a company goal monthly and yearly.   View at a glance if you are on pace to reach your goals!
  • Truly know how much $$$ you are making each month, and improve your business decisions based off your monthly/yearly reports!  NO MORE GUESSING!

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